Violin Nicolo AMATI, Cremona 1669  ” Lam – ex  Collin” bearing its original label “Nicolaus Amatus Cremonen Hieronijmij fil. Ac. Antonij Nepos fecit 1669”
The top is made from one piece of medium-grain spruce, and two pieces of maple marked with a small curl form the back. The maple sides have a broader curl, with slightly less prominent figure, while the scroll is made with maple that matches the back. The yellow­golden varnished violin, characteristic of the maker’s late work, bears a great similarity to the other Nicolo Amati violin “ex Rethi” in Lam collection. Superbly preserved, this outstanding instrument formerly belonged to the French composer François Collin de Blamont of Versailles (1690-1760).


Lunghezza fondo 35,3 cm
Larghezza massima superiore, fondo 16,5
Larghezza minima nelle CC 11,0
Larghezza massima inferiore, fondo 20,5


Displayed in  the exhibition “Rare Italian Stringed Instruments from the Sau-Wing Lam Collection” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, until June, 30th.