The friends of Stradivari collection

The privilege of owning a work of art finds its highest expression in the ethical choice of the share. Within the project “friends of Stradivari”, in collaboration with the Museum of the City Stradivari of Cremona, was promoted to a project of “hospitality” of important historical instruments of the Cremonese violin making belonging to private collections. Among the first to join the project, the heirs of Sau Wing Lam and Si-Hon-Ma. So you are associated with The Henry Ford Museum and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Cremona, a world center of violin making, to the holders of these instruments provides the opportunity, with all the guarantees of safety and professionalism appropriate, to exhibit in the prestigious national museum masterpieces normally barred to the public, so they can be admired, studied, exploited and appreciated by visitors experienced and qualified as those who attend the city and the museum dedicated to violin making.


Sau-Wing Lam Collection

Cremona 1669, ex CollinNicolò Amati
Cremona 1669, Lam – ex Collin

Giuseppe Guarneri - filius Andreae - Cremona 1699Giuseppe Guarneri
filius Andreae – Cremona

Antonio Stradivari - Cremona 1720, BavarianAntonio Stradivari
Cremona 1720, Bavarian

Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù - Cremona 1731, ex BalticGiuseppe Guarneri del Gesù
Cremona 1731, ex Baltic

Antonio Stradivari
1734, Lam -ex Scotland University

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini
Milano 1757

Ferdinando Gagliano
Napoli 1785




Si-Hon Ma Collection

Antonio Stradivari
Cremona 1714, Joachim-Ma



Henry Ford Museum Collection

Antonio Stradivari
The Rougement 1703



Herbert e Evelyn Axelrod Collection

Antonio Stradivari
Sunrise 1677

Antonio Stradivari
Hellier 1679




Beare Violins Ltd.

VgambaGiuseppe Guarneri “filius Andreae”
viola da gamba 1702

foto alta risoluzione J. filius A. Guarneri 1715 Vc

Giuseppe Guarneri “filius Andreae”
cello 1710 c

 Mandolino CORISTO 34 (1)

Antonio Stradivari
mandolino coristo 1700-1710





Antonio Stradivari 1679, Sabionari guitar

Antonio Stradivari
Sabionari 1679




Galleria Estense, Modena

v11Girolamo Amati
viola contralto 1625



Russian National Museum of Music

Viola Stradivari topAntonio Stradivari
viola 1715

Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”
violin 1742

Antonio e Girolamo Amati
viola da gamba 1611


Private collection

Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù
“Principe Doria” violino 1734




Private collection

carloAndrea Amati
Carlo IX violino 1566 c.



Civic museum of Catania, “Castello Ursino”

libro amati triennale.indd
Girolamo II Amati

Violin 1683



Munetsugu Collection

Antonio Stradivari
San Lorenzo violin 1718 


The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


Antonio Stradivari

violino “Messie” 1716



Eliot Golub, private collection



Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”
Spagnoletti violin 1734