A delegation from the town of  Füssen, member of the friends of Stradivari network, will be in Cremona soon.The presentation of the book, translated from German to Italian and English, La liuteria di Füssen – Un’eredità per l’Europa (Füssen lute and violin making – A European Legacy), Friederich Hofmeister Musikverlag will take place in the Town Hall. Cremona and the town of Füssen, member of the “friends of Stradivari” network, last year became twin towns. This agreement has also the aim of working together on common projects since the two towns are so close because of their history and tradition. The presentation of the book will take place on Saturday 16 at 4 pm in the Sala dei Quadri at Palazzo Comunale. The Mayor of Cremona, Gianluca Galimberti, the Mayor of Füssen, Paul Jacob and Paolo Bodini, President of the friends of Stradivari network, will take part to the event and Carlo Alberto Carutti, also member of our network, will give a speech, explaining how they came up with the idea of an italian translation of the original version. There will be also a speech of the authors of the book: Josef Focht(Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig), Klaus Martius (Germanisches Museum, Nürnberg), e Thomas Riedmiller M.A., Museum der Stadt Füssen. At the end there is a musical performance.
Another friend of Stradivari, the violin Lam-ex Scotland 1734, will be “on tour”. Among the many activities organized within the permanent campaign against the violence against women launched by the State Police, a special performance will take place at the Teatro Sociale of Sondrio. Sara Zeneli will play the violin Antonio Stradivari Lam-ex Scotland (1734), testimonial of the event, arrived at the Museo del Violino within the “friends of Stradivari”project. The performance will be the opening to the concert of the State Police Band, directed by the Maestro Emilio Fasolino (Sondrio, Teatro Sociale, Saturday March 16 2019-8 pm).