You can pay by:

– credit card through the PayPal circuit. PayPal is a safe, easy, fast and free method of payment.

– wire transfer (anticipated payment) to Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari Cremona. Bank details: BANCA CREMONESE CREDITO COOPERATIVO CREMONA – Fil. N. 4 IBAN IT90S0845411403000000180260, CIN S, ABI 08454, CAB 11403, C/C 180260, SWIFT ICRAITRRCM0.

To become a friend of Stradivari member, you need first to fill in the membership form in printed format or on the website. If you enroll directly on the website, you should register yourself first. The registration is free and it is required only before the first enrollment.

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Becoming a friend of Stradivari


Socio ordinario
( quota min € 150,00 max € 999,00 )
Silver Club
( quota min € 1000,00 max € 4999,00 )
Gold Club
(quota min € 5000,00 )
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