From October 9 to October 15, the TOKYO STRADIVARIUS FESTIVAL 2018 took place in Tokyo. The festival was organized in collaboration with the Museo del Violino and 21 Antonio Stradivari instruments were on display.

In Tokyo were displayed some important artifacts from Antonio Stradivari workshop from the Museo del Violino and two instruments that are usually dispalyed in the Museo within the friends of Stradivari project: the decorated violin Andrea Amati “Carlo IX” 1566 and the guitar Antonio Stradivari “Sabionari” 1679, that was played in a concert on October 13.

The members of the delegation from Cremona were: Paolo Bodini (President friends of Stradivari), Virginia Villa (General Director of the Museo del Violino), Fausto Cacciatori (Curator of the collections of the Museum), Roberto Domenichini and the Master Violinmakers Francesco Toto, Toshiyuki Matsushita and Gregg Alf (members of the friends of Stradivari network). In the exhibition there were also representative instruments of the modern Violinmaking craft.