On Saturday, September 5th , a new masterpiece has arrived at the Museo del Violino, Cremona.
In fact since last Saturday the five-stringed cello  Amaryllis Fleming, made by Girolamo Amati approximately in 1600. As you can gess from its name, it used to belong to Amaryllis Fleming, famous musician and English teacher, half-sister of James Bond author, Ian Fleming.
In the Fifties Fleming she studied Baroque Musique performance practice: she frequently played Bach’s Sixth Cello Suite on this cello. On Saturday, Octber 10th, at 12, in the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi it will be played by the Dutch musician Jobine Siekman.
This instrument has the typical features of the instruments made by the Cremonese luthier at the end of the century and it was made with excellent material. The original varnish is almost intact. After Fleming’s death in 1999, the cello became property of the Amaryllis Fleming Foundation. It is on display at the Museo del Violino until the end of next Spring.