This violin, made by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù in 1734 is the only one named after a famous Cremonese violinist, Paolo Diana Spagnoletti and since February, Saturday 23 has been on display in the room number 9 of the Museo del Violino. The owner is a member of the friends of Stradivari network, Elliot Golub, and for the arrival of this special instrument a lot of friends of Stradivari decided to take part to this special preview on February, Friday 22, organized by the network for the members. We are glad that many members attended the event. During the evening, there was not only  the display of the instrument and a brief explanation of the preview given by the Curator of the Museum, Maestro Fausto Cacciatori, but also a performance on the Spagnoletti itself, played by Maestro Edoardo Zosi. Maestro Liù Pelliciari also plaayed the Guarneri del Gesù “Prince Doria” 1734.

We thank all the ones who supported us by coming to our preview and we are sure that we will meet soon to share our love for music and violin making.