How to become friends of Stradivari


Cremona opens its doors to the world. This is the spirit with which the Stradivari Foundation has launched the “friends of Stradivari” project, an international network bringing together people who possess, use or keep in custody instruments of the Cremonese classical violin making tradition, as well as people who study them, love them or just want to support the promotion and development of the violin making tradition from a cultural standpoint.



Instruments on display

Antonio Stradivaria– violin “San Lorenzo”, 1718 
(Munetsugu Collection, Japan)

Girolamo II Amati– violin, 1683.
(Catania, Civic Museum, Ursino Castle)

Antonio Stradivari –guitar  ”Sabionari”, 1679LT3WEsmall 
(collection famiglia Domenichini)

Antonio Stradivari – violin “The Hellier”, 1679 
(Evelyn & Herbert Axelrod Fine Instruments Collection)

Antonio Stradivari- violin “Lam- ex Scotland University”, 1734LT3WEsmall
(The Saw-Wing Lam Collection)

Lorenzo Storioni – violin, 1770-1780 c.
(private collection)

Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù” – violin ” Principe Doria”,1734LT3WEsmall
(private collection)

Andrea Amati – violin “Carlo IX”, 1566 c. 
(private collection)

Antonio Stradivari – mandolin coristo, 1700/1710
(Beare Violins LTD collection)

 mandolin case- attributed to the workshop of Antonio Stradivari
(Beare Violins LTD collection)