Ferdinando Gagliano – Napoli 1785

Ferdinando GAGLIANO, Naples 1785 bearing its original label “Ferdinando Gagliano filius Nicolai fecit Neap. 1785
The top of this violin is made from two pieces of spruce, medium-grain at the center and widening towards the flanks. The back, ribs and scroll are all made from maple with a medium-width curl. The original, golden brown varnish blends into a deep yellow ground.
Finely preserved, this instrument illustrates the last period work of Nicolo Gagliano’s eldest son Ferdinando. This son’s death, dated 1782 or 1784, is now believed to have occurred in the early 1790’s. Ferdinando modelled this instrument on a late-model Stradivarius.
Lunghezza fondo
35,0 cm
Larghezza massima superiore, fondo
Larghezza minima nelle CC
Larghezza massima inferiore, fondo

Displayed in  the exhibition “Rare Italian Stringed Instruments from the Sau-Wing Lam Collection” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, until June, 30th.
web: http://www.metmuseum.org/about-the-museum/press-room/exhibitions/2012/lam-collection