Becoming friend of Stradivari

1) The “friends of Stradivari” Honorary Membership is created within the Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari, Cremona

2) The purpose of this Membership is to create a global network of all those – individuals or institutions – who are owners, caretakers or users of stringed instruments from the classic Cremonese period, with the goal of promoting study, exchange of ideas, stringed instrument making exhibitions, publications, and other initiatives related to historical Cremonese stringed instrument making.

3) Membership can be sought through direct invitation or by a request which would then be reviewed by the Foundation’s Board. The Board has final authority to reject a membership request or remove one’s membership in the future.

4) The minimum membership fee is 150 Euros a year, which can be automatically renewed from year to year. The Board may change this amount in the future.

5) Luthiers, researchers, enthusiasts or supporters of classic Cremonese stringed instrument making are also eligible to become Members, with the same conditions.

6) Membership will be divided into the different categories according to the membership form and will be published yearly by the Fondazione Stradivari

7) “Friends of Stradivari” members may also join the “Gold Club” with a annual contribution of 5,000 Euros or more, or the “Silver Club” with a contribution between 1,000 and 5,000 Euros. All of the members who have donated instruments to the Foundation for temporary exhibits or expositions at the Museum of Cremona are entitled to the Gold Club membership, with at least the minimum annual fee of 150 Euros.

8) Each member will receive all the information about the Foundation’s activities, both in print and online, in addition to news, proposals, and information about other initiatives that other members request us to share through the Foundation.

9) When visiting Cremona, all members will be offered logistical assistance through the Foundation’s office. Members may also take advantage of special rates at participating hotels. Silver, Gold and Platinum Club members will receive the stringed instrument catalogs published by the Foundation free of charge. Once a year a special musical event will be organized for Gold Club members; the Foundation will provide partial reimbursement of participation expenditures.

10) The regulation may be amended by the Foundation, giving simple notice to the members.

Membership form and payment