Reunion in Cremona. September 21st 2019-October 18th 2020


Eight extraordinary instruments by the greatest violinmakers of the past and one special  bow attributed to Antonio Stradivari are on display at the Museo del Violino within the exhibition “Reunion in Cremona”. These masterpieces arrived at the Museo del Violino from the National Music Museum of Vermillion, South Dakota that will be renovated this year. The Museum chose Cremona, birthplace of these incredible instruemnts , to house them until the renovation work are done. 

The National Music Museum is the home of more than pieces and this is why they decided to renovate the museum and add to it a […]

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New exhibition “Los violines de Cremona”


On June 3 2019 in Puebla (Mexico) at the Museo Internacional del Barroco, was opened the exhibition “Los Violines de Cremona: Stradivari, el barroco y más allá”, by the Museo del Violino. The opening ceremony started with a performance on the famous violin “Marquis de Riviere” made by Antonio Stradivari in 1718, that arrived in Puebla thank within the “friends of Stradivari” network project.

The exhibition includes photos and videos of the town and of the Museum, is composed as well as 14 instruments that tell the history of Cremona and the five centuries of the Cremonese violinmaking tradition, of Andrea […]

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two friends of Stradivari “on tour”-March 16

A delegation from the town of  Füssen, member of the friends of Stradivari network, will be in Cremona soon.The presentation of the book, translated from German to Italian and English, La liuteria di Füssen – Un’eredità per l’Europa (Füssen lute and violin making – A European Legacy), Friederich Hofmeister Musikverlag will take place in the Town Hall. Cremona and the town of Füssen, member of the “friends of Stradivari” network, last year became twin towns. This agreement has also the aim of working together on common projects since the two towns are so close because of their history and tradition. The […]

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A new arrival: the violin “Spagnoletti” 1734


This violin, made by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù in 1734 is the only one named after a famous Cremonese violinist, Paolo Diana Spagnoletti and since February, Saturday 23 has been on display in the room number 9 of the Museo del Violino. The owner is a member of the friends of Stradivari network, Elliot Golub, and for the arrival of this special instrument a lot of friends of Stradivari decided to take part to this special preview on February, Friday 22, organized by the network for the members. We are glad that many members attended the event. During the evening, […]

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Tokyo Stradivarius festival en



From October 9 to October 15, the TOKYO STRADIVARIUS FESTIVAL 2018 took place in Tokyo. The festival was organized in collaboration with the Museo del Violino and 21 Antonio Stradivari instruments were on display.

In Tokyo were displayed some important artifacts from Antonio Stradivari workshop from the Museo del Violino and two instruments that are usually dispalyed in the Museo within the friends of Stradivari project: the decorated violin Andrea Amati “Carlo IX” 1566 and the guitar Antonio Stradivari “Sabionari” 1679, that was played in a concert on October 13.

The members of the delegation from Cremona were: Paolo Bodini (President friends […]

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Il Museo del Violino and the Amici delle Serate Musicali


Monday 15, February, the Museo del Violino and the Amici delle Serate Musicali, organized an event in the foyer of the Conservatory of Milan to present the Museo del Violino.

Many people participated to the meeting. A movie about the Museo del Violino has been shown.

The speakers were: Virginia Villa, General Director, President friends of Stradivari and Fausto Cacciatori, Curator of the collections of the Museo del Violino. They presented also a very rare instrument of the collection: the violin Lam-ex Collin, 1669, Nicolò Amati. The instrument is now displayed at the Museo del Violino, as part of the friends of Stradivari […]

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MIM Musical Instrument Museum



In 2009 the Stradivari Foundation has launched the “ Friends of Stradivari” project, an international network bringing together people who possess, use or keep in custody instruments of the Cremonese classical violin making tradition, as well as people who study them, love them or just want to support he promotion and development of the violin making tradition from a cultural standpoint. Over the last few years more and more music lovers, collectors or museums have joined our network, thanks to their participation, it has been possible to promote many projects and especially […]

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A Prince at the Museum


The violin “Prince Doria” 173420150922_121035-001, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, joined the collections of the Museo del Violino.
The violin belongs to a private collection and it’s now displayed in the museum as part of the “friends of Stradivari” project, a worldwide web of people who love the Cremonese violinmaking tradition. It is now  displayed in the “Treasure box” room.

The restorer and historian of violin making Gregg Alf, member of the Museo scientific board, presented the history of the instrument.
The earliest historical document for the Prince Doria “ del Gesù” goes back to […]

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A new Friend of Stradivari


 la Galleria Estense affida a Cremona la viola contralto Girolamo Amati, 1625 ca.

sabato 25 ottobre, ore 11
Sala Conferenze del Museo del Violino – piazza Marconi 5, Cremona

Stefano Casciu, soprintendente ai Beni Artistici e Storici di Modena e Reggio Emila
Davide Gasparotto, direttore della Galleria Estense
Fausto Cacciatori, conservatore delle Collezioni del Museo del Violino

La viola, di taglia piccola (il che la rende per dimensioni estremamente rara), fu eseguita dai fratelli Girolamo e Antonio Amati nel 1620, come conferma un’etichetta all’interno della cassa armonica. L’attribuzione alla bottega Amati, confermata dal modello della cassa, del riccio […]

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Cremona meets Moscow


Cremona, 15 ottobre 2014 – Dal 17 al 21 ottobre importante missione del Museo del Violino di Cremona nella grande Russia, una delle terre più amanti della musica, che ha donato al mondo interpreti e compositori insuperabili. Il Museo Glinka di Mosca – il più importante museo musicale della Federazione Russa che custodisce, tra i molti tesori, anche numerosi strumenti ad arco della Scuola Cremonese appartenenti alla Collezione di Stato – sceglie come partner strategico il Museo del Violino, un unicum nel panorama internazionale, dove si racconta la storia di cinque secoli della liuteria cremonese, di recente riconosciuta dall’UNESCO […]

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